Project Log – UV LED Exposure Box – Summary

UV LED Exposure Box – Summary

Warning - this is a work in progress!
You won't be able to just follow these steps and get something that works.
Don't follow these instructions.

This article is the final part in my series on building a box for making PCBs from UV-sensitised copper-clad boards. Eventually  I’ll cover everything from construction through to developing, etching and preparing for assembly.

  1. Intro and Design
  2. The Box
  3. The LED Panels
  4. The Controller
  5. Lists, References and Acknowledgements

All the files are available on GitHub.



1000mm x 250mm x 6mm MDFI bought a sheet from B&Q and got them to cut it down to size a bit. Don't get them to cut it to the right size though - their tolerance is about ±10mm. The biggest dimension is about 220mm, so either get them to cut it into 250mm boards, or cut it yourself.
Wood glueTo glue the MDF parts.
200mm x 100mm x 3mm acrylic For the windows - glass might be better, I'm finding the acrylic bends a bit much.

Electronic Components

14-Digit 7-SegmentATA3492BWLED_DISPLAY1Controller
3Capacitor0.1µF ceramic diskC1, C2, C4Controller
1Capacitor0.33µF ceramic diskC3Controller
2Connector2-terminalP1 on the lightboard (x2)LED Panels
8Connector90° Pin-headerP1, P2, P3, SP1Controller
1MicrocontrollerArduino Pro MiniU3Controller
VariousMisc22AWG hookup wire, various colours
VariousMiscStranded wire
2MiscStripboard 160mm x 90mm (40 tracks)LED Panels
1MiscUV-sensitive copper clad boardController
1Power connectorP1Controller
1Power RegulatorLM7805U1Controller
1Push Switch?SW1Controller
8Resistor330ΩR1, R5-R11Controller
2Resistor10kΩR2, R4Controller
57xResistor120ΩR2, R1-R28 on the lightboards (x2)Controller, LED Panels
1Rotary Encoder?ENC1Controller
1Shift Register74HC595U2Controller
168xUV LEDsD1-D84 on the lightboards (x2)LED Panels


Some of the places I got my info from:

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