Resetting the Yubikey

Resetting the Yubikey

  1. Install the YubiKey Manager
  2. Install the YubiKey SmartCard Minidriver

Add the path to YubiKey to the Path

$env:Path += ";C:\Program files\Yubico\YubiKey Manager\"

With a key inserted, it should show up with the list command:

C:\Temp> ykman list
YubiKey 5 NFC (5.2.7) [OTP+FIDO+CCID] Serial: 41274350

Starting again

To start from scratch, reset the PIV module on the Yubikey:

C:\Temp> ykman piv reset
WARNING! This will delete all stored PIV data and restore factory settings. Proceed? [y/N]: y
Resetting PIV data...
Success! All PIV data have been cleared from the YubiKey.
Your YubiKey now has the default PIN, PUK and Management Key:
        PIN:    123456
        PUK:    12345678
        Management Key: 010203040506070801020304050607080102030405060708

The PIN and PUK be set to something new and personal:

C:\Temp> ykman piv access change-puk
Enter the current PUK:
Enter the new PUK:
Repeat for confirmation:
New PUK set.
C:\Temp> ykman piv access change-pin
Enter the current PIN:
Enter the new PIN:
Repeat for confirmation:
New PIN set.

Store these somewhere safe and secure, such as an offline KeePass or written on a piece of paper.